The Fenway Card at MCPHS

The Fenway Card is the official identification card of Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences. It is required for identification, access to essential campus services, and offers a convenient prepaid account – Fenway Cash – for making cashless purchases on and around campus.

The Fenway Card is your key to essential campus facilities and services, including:

Board Plans
For those students who are on college meal plans, money is placed on the card for use in the Massachusetts College of Art Dining Commons, Wentworth Beatty Café, MCPHS Crossroads Café, Mass Art Tower Café, Wentworth Leopard’s Den, and the COF-C Store. Each time a student makes a purchase, money is deducted. This flexible meal plan means that students must manage their money according to their own eating habits and budget.Balances remaining at the end of the fall semester roll over to the spring semester. There are no refunds or rollovers at the end of the spring semester. For more details on MCPHS meal plans please contact the Office of Residence Life at 617-732-2930.

Access Card
Use your card to enter your MCPHS residence hall and be admitted to administrative buildings.

Your card may be used to purchase copies in the machines located in the MCPHS library.

Use your print allowance by swiping your Fenway Card at print release stations. Once your print allowance is depleted, make sure your Fenway Cash account is funded to pay for additional print – it’s the only way to pay. Instructions on how to use the on-campus printing system can be found at

Use your Fenway Card to operate laundry machines located in the Fennell and Matricaria Residence Halls.

COF Events
You will need your Fenway Card to gain access to COF events.

Reporting Loss or Theft of Fenway Card:
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU REPORT A LOST CARD THROUGH THE FOLLOWING STEPS:1) Deactivating access to buildings: You must immediately report your lost card to the MCPHS Help Desk at 617-732-2170. They will deactivate your card to prevent unknown persons from accessing MCPHS residence hall areas and from attempting to enter MCPHS buildings. You should also let Public Safety know (call 617-732-2900 or visit the Palace Road desk) that you have lost your card.

2) Deactivating board plans: Contact the Chartwells shift supervisor at the Massachusetts College of Art Dining Commons, 617-879-7964, or go to the supervisor’s office in the Dining Commons. This prevents unknown persons from utilizing your board plan dollars.

3) Deactivating your Fenway Cash account: Click here or contact the Fenway Card Service Center at 1-877-263-8340. This prevents unknown persons from utilizing your Fenway Cash account.

Fenway Card Issuing Office Information:

Replacement cards are issued by the MCPHS Help Desk. Call 617-732-2170 or go visit the Help Desk in the Tech Center (3rd floor of Matricaria Building). If your card is lost or damaged, there will be a replacement fee for a new card.

Fenway Cash: Call 1-877-263-8340
Board Plans: Call Chartwells at 617-879-7964
Card Replacement: Call the MCPHS Help Desk at 617-732-2170
Other: Call Student Affairs at 617-732-2929